Gem Trees by T&W

Welcome to Gem Trees

Making gemstone trees started out as a hobby and now it has grown into a successful venture. 

Our trees are made from wire, mainly silver plated, and a variety of semi-precious gemstones and minerals in many different formats.   The trees are then set on a variety of bases - crystals or minerals, wood - oak, ash and rowan branches, natural stones that have caught my eye when out walking or set in resin in glass pots.    And of course, our fabulous sculpted stone bases made especially for us by Longline Studio

Previously I've made trees that have a use, other than just looking pretty,  for example the Earring Tree, where there are hoops for hanging your earrings, Picture Holder Tree for displaying photographs, notes etc and I've also made a 'Family Tree' where photographs of the family members are displayed in little frames with extra hoops and frames for future generations, but these have recently been less popular, so these are now only be made to order.

Our Birthstone trees continue to be very successful - made with semi-precious stones, not precious stones such as diamonds or rubies, for obvious reasons - Birthstone Trees

Now available to order is your own personal Kindred Tree, please contact for more details.

Thanks for visiting.   


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